The International Digital Asset Exchange Council (IDAXC) is a not-for-profit organisation designed to promote the adoption, best practice and use of digitised (tokenised) real assets in business and society.
We achieve this through policy, education and advocacy.
IDAXC works with all participants of the ecosystem to create voluntary standards that represent best practice on the issuing, trading and exchange of digital assets.  
IDAXC provides members with training on a wide variety of disciplines within the digital assets community including AML, KYC, token issuing and asset tokenisation. 
IDAXC works with all aspects of the financial services and digital asset community to promote the adoption of digital assets into the mainstream economy. 


IDAXC is an industry body whose purpose is to establish policy and guidelines that enable digital assets (tokenised assets) to be adopted into the mainstream economy. It works with its members and the broader digital asset and financial services community to promote the benefits of digital assets and to understand the issues faced in adopting them. 
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